Arizona Exorcist 

   Phoenix Metro Area

Sign's Of A Haunting

1. Noises that are unexplained such as banging, rapping or knocking or things being moved around or dropped.

2. Cabinets or doors being repeatedly opened or closed-this can be seen, heard or both.

3. Things being moved around anything from furniture to car keys normally kept on the kitchen counter showing up under the couch.

4. Moving or levitating objects like dinner dishes being moved across the table or glasses etc. seeming to pick themselves up or they mysteriously break.

5. Problems with electrical Lights turning themselves off or on, televisions changing channels, and TV’s or radios playing while they are unplugged. Also any unusual flickering of the lights or unexplained "streaks of light” being seen.

6. Pets behaving strangely, dogs, cats even birds may seem afraid or seem to be attacking something unseen.

7. Batteries losing their charge, new or hardly used batteries may suddenly die with little or no use.

8. Unusual Noises such as the sound of footsteps when no one is around or unexplained voices, most likely very muffled or whispers. You may hear moaning or crying very clearly or ,if you have ever had an unexplained voice or" animal type growl" show up on video or audio tape recorded in the house or area.

9. You may experience an overwhelming feeling that you are not alone when you know you are or may feel a sensation of being touched by a cold unseen hand. You may feel as though someone is sitting or lying next to you (possibly even seeing an imprint of a form) but no one is there.

10. Seeing things out of the corner of your eye, this can be anything from white spots that seem to be there until you turn and look to see dark shadowy figures.

11. Hot and cold spots, these may appear in the same spot all the time or can move around a house or area.

12. Strange smells or odors, any odor you know is not common for the area such as cigar or pipe smoke, unusual colognes, a smell of rot or of flowers.

13. Bruises or scratches that may appear anywhere on the body for no apparent reason.

14. Apparitions are the most undeniable sign of a haunting. Ghosts can appear in many forms. They can range from a solid or transparent person to only a head or part of a body. This includes misty or smoky apparitions or streaks or balls of light. Also, if any of these things have ever tuned up on photos or video taken in the area.

There are many other signs you may experience. Generally anything that seems strange or impossible that happens on a recurring basis.