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Here are some of the Home Services that we offer when we come visit your home. A Donation is required and appreciated  for Home Visits because donations help us to continue to help others.

Home Cleansing Prayers & Home Exorcisms. 

These prayers could help get Paranormal Activity to stop or weaken it to a tolerable level so that you can have peace again in your home.

Personal Deliverance Prayers or Exorcisms.

There are many different kinds of prayers we do for Afflictions, Oppressions, Possessions and Curses but the Prayers cannot replace the Professional Care someone receives or needed from a licensed Medical Doctor, Therapist or Counselor. Some cases may require simple healthy lifestyles changes that can improve your overall mental and physical health.

Exorcisms On Objects.

Sometimes an object may have an spiritual attachment to it and can cause spiritual attacks and hauntings. Books, dolls, second hand items, artifacts may become possessed or cursed and need an Exorcism and Blessing to cleanse it.

Private Home Visit Consultations To Talk About Your Paranormal Activity.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk with confidentially that has experienced paranormal activity first hand like you maybe going through right now or had experienced in your past. Unfortunately sharing your paranormal experience with others that have not yet experienced paranormal activity themselves could cause relationship issues with family, friends and co-workers.

EMF and RF check of your Home. 

These are Electric Magnetic and Radio Frequencies that effect your health and could possibly supply the Paranormal Activity with the energy it needs to stay active. Allot of times Paranormal activity will stop when these levels are reduced.

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