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Real Exorcism Cases

Names and locations have been left out to protect Identities and please note that Exorcism and Deliverance may take time. 

Exorcist Bishop Barry, Case #07282015 The Shadow-Like Humanoid Figure 

Bishop Barry was contacted by a paranormal husband and wife team that he had worked with before. They stated that they were working a case that a shadow-like humanoid figure had frightened two painters. The painters were painting inside a home and they both left leaving their ladders, rollers and paint buckets behind after seeing a shadow-like humanoid figure move through a closed front door. The home owner was now concern about moving his wife and baby into the home. The home was very close to an Native American Reservation but the paranormal investigators research on the area did not turn up any ceremonial or burial grounds near the home. The home was new and in a new community just built. Bishop Barry went to the home to met with the two investigators and the home owner. The investigators set up their equipment while the home owner gave the bishop a tour of his new home. During the bishops house tour, the investigators shouted out to him that the shadow-like humanoid figure had entered the home again and was by the front door entrance. The bishop and home owner went back to the front door hallway and met back up with the investigators. The shadow figure seemed to vibrated with a dull gray, misty, cloud like appearance before quickly disappearing. It startled everyone and it took sometime before everyone calmed down and processed what they had just seen. The investigators checked their equipment to see if they caught it on camera or audio recording but found the batteries had drained on their devices. The home owner was really shaken up so the bishop did an exorcism on the home and blessed it so evil could not enter it. He also gave the home owner some anointing oil and instructed him to spread it around the doors and windows of the home. The bishop did a follow up a week later and the home was not having anymore activity. The painters had finished their work and the home owner was getting ready to move his family in a few days.     

Exorcist Bishop Barry, Case #10212019 The Voodoo Doll Curse

Bishop Barry received a phone call from a manager of a hotel stating that someone had put a curse on him. They had left a voodoo doll with pins in it by his office door. The manager said he did not belief in that kind of stuff but after he found the doll he started to get bad headaches and severe lower back pain. His staff joked around about it saying a woman who had been evicted had put a voodoo curse on him and he did recall how a woman had yelled at him saying she was going to hex him while she was being evicted. The doll had appeared shortly after that incident he had with her. He was now asking Bishop Barry to come pray for him and to do an Exorcism on the doll. The Bishop met with him the next day and did a Deliverance Prayer to break curses and a Exorcism on the doll. The manager was then relieved stating that he felt allot better and could feel that the curse had been broken. He also mentioned that he was going to keep the doll on his desk for a souvenir now that it seemed harmless. A week later the Bishop called to see how he was doing and the manager said things had been great and that the doll is still on his desk and his employees don't joke about it anymore.

Exorcist Bishop Barry, Case #06142019 The EVP Haunting

Bishop Barry responded to a phone call from a concern mother about her young adult son. He lived with her at home and he just began doing paranormal investigations on his own. He had gotten some very good EVP recordings visiting ghost sites and going on some ghost tours and paranormal events. His trouble began when he started doing EVP's inside his own home and they became demonic in nature. There was one recording that he did in his bedroom that scared him badly and now the lights in the home would become dim often especially in his bedroom. He then became obsessed with spiritual protection and tried everything, prayers, salt lamps, crucifixes, pendants, rings, spells etc.. but it seemed it made things worse. Bishop Barry set up a home visit and in a couple of days arrived to evaluate the situation. When he entered inside the home he could sense a change in the air like he walked into a heavy invisible fog and felt some cold spots throughout the home when he did a walk through. When he entered the young mans bedroom the air felt heavier than the other areas and he began to get a mild headache. The Bishop then started an Home Exorcism and felt like he was being under a spiritually attack that was trying to drain his energy. At first he had trouble saying the Exorcism prayers and the lights in parts of the home became very dim like something was draining the power from them. The residents of the home became uneasy and went into the backyard to wait until the bishop was finished with his Exorcism prayers. At the end of the Exorcism the lights were bright again and the residents returned inside noticing a lighter calmer feeling in the home. They commented on seeing large shadow figures moving around inside their home while looking through the back door and windows but the Bishop was the only one inside. The Bishop said in some parts of the home he thought the lights had dimmed but it was dark shadows moving by the lights making them appear dim. The Bishop explained to the residents that EVP's are used by paranormal investigators to help identify what type of a haunting a place might have but often they are misused used as a medium device similar to an Ouija board to talk with spirits repetitively over multiple sessions. This sometimes opens up portals in places and attracts unwanted spiritually activity. With all the protection they had around the doors and windows the spirits had actually become trapped in the home and could not get out. The Bishop let the young man know that his number one rule on EVP's is never do one on your own home and do a cleansing after every session.

Exorcist Bishop Barry, Case# 060913 Possessed Daughter

In June Bishop Barry received an Emergency call from a family. The gentleman on the phone said his teenage daughter was possibly possessed by an evil spirit and was speaking in a strange language. The Bishop hurried over to the home with his exorcism bag and as soon as he stepped out of his car, He started getting a headache. He knocked on the door and a teenage boy answered and started leading him to the kitchen where his parents were waiting. As he walked through the living room a teenage girl kept her eyes on the Bishop, they were very dark in color and she started to laugh very wickedly. Just before he could step into the kitchen the girl lunged at him but her brother and father were able to grab hold of each of her wrist. The mother then helped her into a kitchen chair while the other two held her wrist. She was frantically trying to get at Bishop Barry and he then suggested that they tie her down to the chair but she was so strong that they could only manage getting her legs tied. The father and brother then held each of her arms while the mother held her waist down keeping her seated in the chair. The daughter then began talking in a strange language and cursing while spitting at the Bishop. He held up his bible to block the spit. Bishop Barry then crabbed his exorcism scroll, crucifix and relic medallion from his bag. he started the exorcism prayers and then the daughter became calm but the Bishop knew this was just round one. The evil spirit was trying to act like it had left but the Bishop could still sense its presence in the girl. They then took a little break to give the daughter water then the Bishop started the exorcism prayers again and sensed it losing its hold on her. When the evil spirit left, her eyes were normal again and they all could feel the peace in the home again.

Exorcist Bishop Barry, Case# 071513 Haunted Cell Phone

In July Bishop Barry got a call from a man having paranormal activity in his home and claiming his cell phone was haunted. The Bishop could tell in his voice that the situation was serous and went right over to his home. When he arrived at the callers home and the resident answered the door and led the Bishop into his living room to discuss the paranormal activity. Something unseen grabbed the Bishop in his crouch area startling him but he was able to stay calm because he had encountered being grabbed before on cases. He ignored the incident because he needed the resident to be calm so he could get the details on what was going on. He told the Bishop that he had been using his phone's auto spelling like a medium device to communicate with a dead relative and now the phone was acting crazy. His wife and children were out for the afternoon and he stated that something had been attacking his wife at night in their bedroom while she tried to sleep at night. He also stated that they have been arguing allot lately in the home and they were thinking about getting a divorce. The Bishop suggested that he should seek some professional marriage counselling and prayer support from his church that he attends after he does a home exorcism to help drive away the evil influence in the home. Bishop Barry also let him know that the phone needed a blessing and not to be used as a medium device if he wanted the evil influence to stop. He then did an exorcism on the home and did some extra prayers in the bedroom where gentleman's wife slept and blessed his phone. Before leaving the Bishop left some holy water for him and some prayer cloths to put in the rooms of his home. As the Bishop got into his car and before he could start it. The car started shaking like something was on the roof bouncing up and down then it stopped. It happened very quickly but the Bishop knew the evil spirit was very angry for the interference and guidance he had just given the gentleman. When he arrived at his own home and stepped inside, several smoke alarms were beeping low batteries which was odd because they had 9 volt batteries replaced recently. After dealing with 3 smoke detectors beeping he then went into his den to check his PC for any new emails. The monitor was black and not responding. He then checked it and it must have blown the power supply so he decided to run down to the store and look for a new one. When he got into his car the car battery was dead and the car would not start. Luckily he lived near an auto store and was able to walk down and get another car battery and after replacing the battery, the car started right up and he was then able to drive to the store to buy a new monitor for his PC. It maybe weird but it's not uncommon for things like this to happen after an exorcism. The evil spirits often drain batteries or tap into electrical magnetic fields to draw energy. The real nasty ones will often drain the magnetic field of a person's aura and the person will become very tired.

Exorcist Bishop Barry, Case# 082313 The Poltergeist

It was a hot night in Arizona when Bishop Barry arrived at a West Valley haunted home that the owner wanted an exorcism done on. The owner was an elderly woman that had left for the hot summer and rented out the home for a few months. The tenants had been evicted due to drug activity and having extra people living in the home that broke the short term lease agreement they had signed with her. Now that she was back, she was hearing knocks on the walls at all hours, a large picture in the living room being turned after she would straiten it, light bulbs blowing out in her bathroom, items moving by themselves across her kitchen counter, cabinets doors opening up while she slept and her dog staring down the hallway for long periods of time like something was there. After speaking with the woman the Bishop started a home exorcism and right away knocking started on the walls throughout the home. The large picture in the living room fell off the wall and the bathroom light bulbs blew out shortly after that. It was like an invisible force moving through the home disturbing things in its pathway. Static crackling popping noises could also be heard like something leaving a trail of static energy discharges as the Bishop continued his exorcism prayers. Suddenly it felt like the house shook or some kind of energy imploded in the home. After the exorcism the home was at peace again.

Exorcist Bishop Barry, Case# 103013 The Choking Entity That Did Not Move On 

It was near Halloween when Bishop Barry received an urgent exorcism request from a single mother with a baby. She explained that she had been receiving scratches on her body and that her bed raised off the floor a couple feet and then slammed down hard while she and her baby were sleeping on it. She was petrified in fear and concerned for the safety of her child. Bishop Barry was able to reschedule some appointments and met the caller later that evening at her Arizona residence. It was an older 3 bedroom block home in a quiet suburban part of town. When the Bishop went inside he had asked her about the bed that raised off the ground and she then took him to her bedroom to show him what had happened. It was a large bed and had a heavy wooden frame and it had been moved like someone shoved it with great force. The Bishop then notice a reddish spot on the carpet next to a large rug near the bed and asked about it. The woman said it was there when she moved in and she had covered it with a large rug. Bishop Barry then went to lift the rug up to get a better look at the reddish stain and then something invisible grabbed his throat and started to choke him. He then quickly said a prayer mentally and it then released him. After coughing for a couple minutes he had to drink some water so he could breath and talk again. He then did a Home Exorcism but could sense the entity still in the home. The Bishop let the woman know that he needed to do another exorcism but needed to do some prayer and fasting because this entity was stronger than the average. He then took a day of prayer and fasting and a couple days later did another exorcism on the home but since his last visit the woman decide she was moving out in a couple days which in someway allowed the entity to stay in the home. The Bishop could sense that things were calmer in the home but the entity had not moved on.

Exorcist Bishop Barry, Case# 071414 The Medium 

Bishop Barry was contacted by a gentleman one afternoon that ran a medium call in service from his condominium home. The caller explained that he did medium sessions over the phone with his clients from his home and that he also helped the police on occasion with missing person cases. He was contacting the Bishop to do a Home Exorcism on his condo to get rid of an unwanted bad spirit. He explained that an evil spirit was haunting the home after he did a medium session over the phone with a client. During their conversation on the phone. Bishop Barry heard a wicked laugh and the phone connection started to sounded statically. Then he heard an unidentified voice call his name and the caller did not hear it at all. The Bishop then told the caller that he would be right over to do a Home Exorcism due to the severity of the situation. When he arrived at the callers home he could sense several entities around the resident and some pretending to be dead relatives that had attached themselves to the man. The gentleman's medium business had been doing well over the last few years but recently his readings were not so accurate anymore. After the Bishop spoke with the man it was apparent that the man had allowed himself to become too dependent on help from spirits and would consult them too much. He would asked them things like what color shirt to wear, what to eat or drink and talk with his dead relatives frequently. He now was disturbed and becoming stressed due to the haunting from an evil entity that came through while he was doing a reading and now it was refusing to leave his home. The Bishop explained that he could do an exorcism on his home but it may also get rid of the spirits he does not want to leave. The resident then consulted with the spirits and they said they would be okay and for Bishop Barry to go ahead and banish the dark spirit from the home. Bishop Barry then performed a limited Home Exorcism and not the ordinary one he generally does. It was like the residents spirits that were attached to him were guiding him to tell Bishop Barry where to pray in the home and limited him to those areas only. After the exorcism, the Bishop could sense that the dark spirit had left but the ones attached to resident were still there. As the Bishop departed the home, the resident gave the Bishop a donation but the Bishop asked him to keep it. The resident then explained that its important for the donation because the bishop had performed a service and that the spirits would be unhappy. He would then feel like he owed a debt in someway. That's why he always charges a fee in his business because it's a clean break after the service is done. No one owes and you go your separate ways. 

Bishop Barry, Exorcism Case# 080314 The Succubus

Bishop Barry had a case in that evolved a young man in his twenties that was being sexually attacked in the evenings by an invisible spirit. This spirit was a succubus and very strong, the young man lived alone and worked out allot with weights and ate very healthy. He was not currently dating or being sexual active and this spirit feed on his energy often. The Bishop knew that this was a hard spirit to cast away and to ward off but with dedication and prayer this young man could be delivered through Christ. The Bishop did an Home Exorcism on his apartment to weaken the hold and curb the power of the succubus. He then looked at the young man's habits and what kind of foods that he ate along with supplements and vitamins he took. After consulting with a nutritionist He found out that young man had a combination of aphrodisiac's in his supplements and diet. This was adding sexual energy that he was not needing or using at the time and the succubus had plenty of energy to feed off of him. The Bishop then set up some prayer and fasting time for the young man. The young man then changed some of his diet and supplements along with not over working out and in a few months time was delivered from the succubus. 

Bishop Barry, Exorcism Case# 091614 The Incubus 

In August Bishop Barry had a case of a woman being attacked by an incubus which is the opposite of the succubus which attacks the male. He had been getting a few similar cases lately and been seeing an increase in Incubus attacks. Comparing cases he found that most of the women had dated or come into contact with a male that had treated them badly. They also sometimes had stomach issues, had not been attending church regularly or a worship service of any kind in awhile, drank alcohol beverages, overused stimulants like cigarettes and coffee. These are just a few similar things but they all were very afraid of these powerful entities that tormented them while they tried to sleep. While making the home visit, the Bishop could sense the negative energy all around the area. This was just an area of town that had allot of homeless, drug dealers, thefts etc. and you could feel the strong negative energy here. He did not like being there but even the weakest light in a dark place would seemed bright. He made contact with the woman and did an exorcism on her right away. They both had seen an evil entity leave when the Bishop said the exorcism prayers and put a blessed crucifix on her forehead. The Bishop then felt himself getting tired and left her apartment completely drained of energy and slept almost a whole day and still felt tired after he awoke. Just a couple days after the exorcism, his phone rang and another woman reported an incubus attacking her and he went to do another exorcism which was not to far from his last one.

Bishop Barry, Exorcism Case# 002009 Serial Shooter with an Evil Spirit Attachment 

In the Phoenix Arizona Metro Area there was a string of random violence from 2005 to 2006 that lasted about 14 months. People and animals were getting shot at random by someone in a car, 8 people and at least 10 animals had been killed with 19 people wounded. The area was in fear and people were scared for their families and friends. Sometime during this time, Bishop Barry was contacted by an FBI Profiler that was doing research on the paranormal to see if it effected people to do crimes. The Bishop supplied the Profiler with some information that he had gathered over the years and in one discussion on the phone one night. The Profiler talked about Serial Killers and if they could be Possessed. Bishop Barry told the Profiler that it was a good possibility. After he gotten off the phone with the Profiler, He had gotten an Ideal that night to pray and bind the evil spirits that may be letting the serial shooter here in Arizona evade being capture by Law Enforcement. The very next day, two men were caught, Dale Hausner the shooter and Samuel Dieteman his accomplish. This was great and the Bishop praised the Lord for their capture! While the Bishop was watching the News on TV one evening, Dale was in court facing the judge and the lights went out for no apparent reason. Bishop Barry knew that the Evil Spirits were mad that Dale had been captured and no further use to them. In 2009 Dale Hausner was convicted and sentenced to death 6 times for his crimes in the shootings. Later it was reported on June 20, 2013 that he was found dead in his cell in Florence Arizona and the cause of death is unknown by the county medical examiner. 

Bishop Barry, Exorcism Case# 102014 The Haunted Doll

Bishop Barry met a woman at her Arizona Condo to discuss the paranormal activity she was reporting in her home. She stated that she had bought an very old collectible, life size doll of a little girl at an auction a few days ago and now her home was haunted. She was being held down at night and the life size doll she bought had moved by itself across the room. She then showed the Bishop the haunted doll and her large collection of vintage dolls in her bedroom. Bishop Barry could feel the uneasiness in the bedroom and started a exorcism right away on the doll and the home. Shortly into the exorcism a loud banging sounded on the closet doors in the bedroom as the doll flew across the room a few feet. The spirit had left the doll and was now in the closet. The Bishop followed the spirit as it tried to hide in various places in the home. It was making knocking sounds as it traveled through the walls, closets and cabinets in the home. It did not want to be vanquished and was making a frantic effort to hide and evade the Bishop. After the exorcism the home felt peaceful and quiet again. The Bishop then left some holy water an anointing oil for the woman to bless any other dolls she may be adding to her collection.