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How To Stop A Haunting

As an Exorcist I can do an Exorcism on a Haunted Home a hundred times and it still can remain haunted if the occupants have no believe or faith that God has cleansed their home.

My faith in God and his Holy Angels along with my positive energy is sometimes enough to cleanse a home even if those in the home have little faith.

The residents of the home may also have to make lifestyle changes and not do activities in the home that can attract the unwanted spirits. Filling the home with love and their own positive energy will help the haunting to go away.

To cleanse a home yourself you can get some Holy Water from a Catholic Parish. Then sprinkle the Holy Water throughout the home asking God to send his Holy Angels to bind and cast out of your home the haunting spirits through the name of Jesus.

Or you can use some olive oil that has been prayed over and spread it with your fingers around the windows and doors of your home.

Sometimes the Home is not haunted but the Land maybe and to Bless your Land you can bury 4 small Blessed Crucifixes or 4 small St. Michael Medals in the four corners of your property. I have sometimes used 4 pennies that have been blessed and bury them with the head up so you can see in God We Trust.

You could also try a Native American Blessing by burning Sage in the areas of the home you want blessed but be careful to catch any smoldering ashes in a bowl. 

My general rule of thumb would be to call an Exorcist if your haunting is more serious in which someone is becoming ill, getting scratched or have bite marks.