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How to stop a Demonic Attack

The very first thing that is needed is to call on Jesus because it's through his sacrifice that we are saved. The Blood of Christ is the Magic Bullet and the demons know this. Just thinking his name or verbally saying it, rings out a powerful vibration into the spiritual dimensions that the demons are banished too. You do not need a special prayer but just to call out to God who is everywhere and he will send his Heavenly Angels to surround and protect you. 

To stop a demonic attack;

1. Call out to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for protection.

2. Renounce Satan and all of his works.

3. Asked God for forgiveness of your sin's and forgive those that have sinned against you.

These are simple steps but many cannot forgive those that have harmed them leaving an opening in the protection God has put around them. Some have used drugs or stimulants that have altered the brain chemistry which effects their thoughts that manifest negative attractions into their lives. Others give credit to the Devil but of their own free will choose a lifestyle or belief system that attracts the demons. 

Never give up, read the bible, follow the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule of loving your neighbor and treating others the way you want to be treated. Attend church and worship services, eat healthy, forgive others and even yourself when you make a mistake in life. No one is perfect or without sin and it is by the Grace of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that we are saved and protected.