Arizona Exorcist 

   Phoenix Metro Area

Home Exorcism

A Simple Exorcism on a home is usually done because the home is being disturbed by something supernatural and it needs immediate attention so that the residents can find some peace.

The Simple Exorcism curbs the power of darkness to help drive away the unwanted paranormal activity. A Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel is said before it begins. Then the Simple Exorcism Prayer is said in the home along with sprinkling holy water in the rooms.

The Simple Exorcism is an exorcism that is done on a home having paranormal activity and is different from the The Rite of Exorcism which is an exorcism that is done on a person who is possessed and it is intended on casting out the evil spirit that has taken possession of a person. 

In some cases the person themselves or an object in their home maybe haunted with spiritual attachments and they may need some Exorcism or Deliverance Prayers to get the haunting spirits to go away. 

For Residual haunts, the haunting activity is just like a recording and happens over and over again. It is usually not harmful but maybe disturbing and a Home Exorcism may help tone it down to an tolerable level.