Arizona Exorcist 

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Facebook is a great tool for social interaction and a way to spread the Gospel and help others during their time of need with Prayer Support. It can be a double edge sword but used wisely can inspire others and bring comfort to those in a time they need it most. Holidays are a great time to spread Joy and Cheer to those and even do Fundraisers to raise money for good causes. It's so nice to send a Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or other Holiday Greetings to Family and Friends. There are so many creative ways to use Facebook and of course some bad ways as well. Just like any tool that can be used for good or bad. It requires responsibility and learning what not to post on it along with adult monitoring for those allowing children to use it. Some may not use Facebook at all but the good out ways the bad for me and seeing all the good posts from Family and Friends is very heart warming. You can also Share your favorite YouTube Videos, Personal Videos, Twitter Tweets, Live Podcast, Photos and many more uses. Spread the Goodness and Post something today on Facebook that can bring a smile to someone and brighten up their day. You may find that spreading Joy and Cheer will come back your way too.